Make Your Own Indian Food

November 19, 2010 § Leave a comment

I’d have to say that my favorite food to eat out would be Indian. I’ve never had something I didn’t like and the food is always consistant. My experience may be different than others and that’s only because I have been going to the same Indian Restaurant for the past 10 years and I refuse to go anywhere else! That doesn’t mean I haven’t been to other Indian Restaurants, it means that I am only fully satisfied by one. You have to consider that India is an enormous country and everyone has their own style of preparing traditional dishes there. Luckily I found the style that I prefer and I’m happy with the choice I’ve made. However, I have always wanted to try making my favorite Indian dishes at home for friends but I honestly have  no idea where I’d start and if my skills would come anywhere close to what I know these dishes require. I was on one of my new top picks for websites today ( and I’m sure if you’ve been reading my post you can tell that I like lots of the stuff on their site, and saw this India Cookbook that not only looks cool from it’s cover but is so big with over 1,000 recipes it must have everything I wish to make. Also affordable, I am definitely buying myself this cookbook and if you like to cook and enjoy a spicey meal here and there, I suggest you buy one too.

India Cookbook



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