3 Mini Ceramic Vases

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Good things do come in threes. Proof positive this handsome trio of miniture vases. Hand-painted with a special earth-colored glaze, each one is unique in design.




Blue Reactive Ceramic Bowl

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A unique ceramic blue reactive glaze makes this plain bowl anything but.

John Loecke & Jason Nixon

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Japanese-themed Prints, Set of 4

Paperwork by Ugallery

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Paperwork by Ugallery is the ultimate platform for emerging artists, featuring limited-edition prints and photographs printed on sustainable materials. Each print comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by the artist.

Hana Joo, What a Coloful Day

Hana Joo works intuitively to find and create color relationships. To make this piece, she simply “grabbed a brush, dabbed it in pigment, and let the water and color flow together.” Like her hero, Wassily Kandinsky, Hana aims to create spiritual, even musical links between her shapes and colors.

Vintage Print Gallery

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Butterfly Print III, Ebony Frame




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Izola explores the creative possibilities of an underutilized and everyday blank canvas: the Shower Curtain. With edgy, sophisticated graphics, passionate patterns, iconic global destinations and works from groundbreaking artists, these shower curtains have the dramatic impact of large-scale murals—in a room that welcomes bold adventures in style and drama. Empower your shower. Shouldn’t your bathroom be a room with a view?

Venice PEVA Shower Curtain


Blanket of Vintage Sweaters

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Check out this funky blanket I found on Anthropolgie.com today. Softness only attainable after years of wear is preserved in this totally unique handmade blanket, spun from sewn-together vintage sweaters.

Julia's Genius Throw

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