Rio Grande Towel Set

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Henry Road

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Henry Road is a Los Angeles-based design studio and store. It’s collection of textiles designed by Paula Smail, is supplemented by an eclectic, fun collection of home goods and gifts.

Paula views Henry Road as her scrapbook, album and travelogue all rolled into one. One of her childhood homes was a house on Henry Road in South Africa. Since then, she has traveled extensively and includes London, Paris and New York in the long list of places she has lived. Her design aesthetic of bold color is influenced by Marimekko blinds in the house on Henry Road, women wrapped in swathes of stunning African cloth and the work of artists like Rothko and many of his contemporaries.

A self-taught designer, she has been a waitress, an au pair, and a publicist. She has sailed the high seas of the Caribbean as crew on a yacht and earned her business credentials as a corporate executive. Paula’s style is a happily eclectic mix of color, eras and ethnicities fueled by a life spent rearranging furniture, scouring flea markets all over the world and reading piles of design magazines.

Anna Salander

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Hand-woven ANDRUP Rug


Legend Of Asia

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Buddha Chest

Crosley Alarm Clock Radio Speaker

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Vintage-inspired tabletop alarm clock with a plug at the back for attaching your iPod or MP3 player.

Jeremy Petty

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English Teapot with Rounded Handle


Jack Deamer

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Kuba Cloth Pillow, Vertical Pattern

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