Shoe Block Print

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Shoe Block Print


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Garland Light

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Garland Light, Silver

Tord Boontje is among the current crop of designers revolutionizing every-day products with an aesthetic that softens stark and undecorated modernism with a burst of nature and lyrical expressionism. For the Netherlands native, modernism doesn’t have to mean minimalism, technology doesn’t have to abandon emotions or the senses. This garland of flowers and leaves wraps around the included cord and fitting to create a floating poem of metal, nature and light. Available in silver, brass, black chrome and, the newest color, winter white. The garland comes flat packed. Simply bend and shape it around the fitting and bulb to create volume–just like flower arranging!

If you like to bake…

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The Art & Soul of Baking by Cindy Mushet


Potpourri on Paper

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Fragrance Sheets

One of the most clever products I have ever come across are the Fragrance Sheets by Agraria Home. Place them between stacked linens and towels, drop them into storage boxes & chests, stick them into a desk drawer (or any drawer), and pack them in your suitcase in the event your hotel room needs refreshing. Brilliant!


Vintage Colored Glass Cups

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4 Vintage Amber Drinking Glasses

Colored Glass is very underrated. There’s a Rescue Mission in Oxnard, CA that has an entire wall of colored glass dishes, bowls, cups, pitchers, etc. It’s breathtaking! I have bowls at home that are purple colored glass and also green ones too. My set of cups are pink glass that I originally had 12 of but now only 10. Whenever I come across a good set that works with my variety of dishware, I can’t pass it up. I suggest you start paying more attention when you see colored glass because it’s going to start making a real comeback.

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Colorful Euro Sham

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Paper Birch Euro Sham

You can always change the look of your bed with a simple Pillow Sham or two. There’s no need to replace your entire sheet set or comforter to change things up a bit, just throw in a new pilllow with new colors and/or patterns and save yourself the money it would cost to buy all new Bedding.

Ina Garten’s New Book

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Barefoot Contessa How Easy Is That?

If you’ve ever watched her show then you know how easy she makes cooking look. My mom bought me her book Back to Basics some time ago and she has some great recipes in there that I always pull out when I have people over. Now, she has just come out with her new cook book, How Easy Is That? and if it’s anything like her others than you should definitely get yourself a copy. Right now her new book is actually on sale at so check it out. This book would also make for a great Christmas gift.

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